Celebrations and Feedback

Feedback from friend in Auroville, Nov 2010
“I find that Laura has extensive knowledge of NVC and knows how to transfer her knowledge in a clear and structured way. I sense, in the way she facilitates her NVC workshops, that she has a lot of practical experience with NVC and I am impressed by the confident, inspiring and passionate way she shares those skills with me and the other participants. I feel that, apart of being a great NVC teacher, she walks her talk and for her NVC is a way of Being, a way of Living.

Thanks to her input I have been able to deepen my self understanding and the understanding of others and improve my handling of conflicts between me and others and improve my mediation skills in conflicts between others.

I love her.”

Surprise email from a participant, Nov 2010
“Laura, Vanakaaam,
just wanted to say a veryyyyyyyyyyy biggggggg T H A N K Y O U….
i wasn’t able to do that earlier eyes to eyes.. so many fears were rising up.. so much emotional insecurity was experienced…
i find NVC an amazing tool to handle whatever issues within and you as a fantastic guide to that new world of an infinite conciseness.

having a NVC practice group 24 hours here in Germany
missing Auroville and its spirit

million of hugs,
being alive”

Card from Lea, Fall 2010

Poem from Georg, Summer 2010

Card from Anne and Ananda, Summer 2010