A new initiative… May 21/11

Hello Friends,

I’ve been thinking about hosting an online practice group for several months now, and for some reason it feels like the right time to start…

Having recently completed Certification, one of my latest intentions has been to bring more “NVC accessibility” to India — so that more of you can access more NVC learning opportunities with more ease. I’m hoping that this “GiraffeConnection” idea will contribute to that, providing a space for sharing and connection, as well as learning and integration.

GiraffeConnection will happen on the first Tuesday of every month, from 5-7pm, starting in July (Tue, July 5; Tue, Aug 2; Tue, Sept 6, etc).

Are you interested in joining? You’ll need a Skype account and an audio headset. And as I’ll be speaking in English, an average command of the English language would be helpful too! 🙂

For more information and to register, please email me at

Looking forward to playing and learning together!



Update – May 29/11

Dear Friends,

Wow, I’m excited to receive your enthusiasm about joining the GiraffeConnection online practice group. Some of you asked some questions, and I’ll try to answer them here, so that we’re all on the same page…

1. Date and time: Please remember that our first meeting will be on Tue, July 5, from 5-7pm Indian time. I will send a reminder 1-2 weeks before that date! (I’m regretting not being able to start in June, but I’ll be training in Pune and therefore unavailable). I tried to choose a time (5-7pm) that would suit people between jobs and family life…

2. Open group – attendance and regularity: As this is an Open group, I imagine a lot of flexibility and spontaneity in people’s attendance, so you can join us when it’s convenient (although I’m requesting that you be present for the full 2 hours if you are joining us). Also, we may have participants who are now living in other countries, but who have been a part of our Indian network.

3. Practice group topics: I imagine our sessions will include connection rounds, as well as learning and integration. I’ll likely come prepared with a “lesson plan” in mind, but with full flexibility for it to change, based on what’s alive in the moment. I’m also welcoming any requests or offers, so that I can incorporate your ideas into our sessions. As well, we’ll have a chance to break out into smaller “conference rooms,” so that we can have empathy dyad sessions, for example.

4. Recording: There is an option to record these sessions for later listening, but I’m not sure I’m fully comfortable with this idea. I’d prefer to respect people’s privacy and the energy of the moment. So if you’re present, you get to listen and participate, but not otherwise. (And I’m happy to dance with this “decision” too…!)

5. Skype requirements: You’ll need:
a. A Skype login account
b. Add “freeconferencing.7124320900” to your Contacts
c. Have a working audio headset (and please test it before the call)
d. Some basic knowledge of Skype (for example, you’ll need to know where the number-pad is, because you’ll need to dial in an access code to enter the call).

6. Access codes: I’ll be sending out a new invitation every month, with new access codes, etc. I’ll also be sending you the step-by-step “how-to” at a later date.

7. Test the system: Before our call, I’ll be sending out an email with test information, so that you can call in and see if your system works. It might be a bit complicated the first time, and I’m hoping this will give everyone the chance to get the hang of it before our real call. Also, this way you can ask me for individualized support, which I can’t offer on the day of the real call itself because each participant is responsible for his/her own dialing-in.

I’m really looking forward to this adventure together with you all! I’m also happy to hear any feedback on my ideas so far…