Living Compassion – Additional Info for AVians

Dear Aurovilians,

Yay, super cool that you’re wanting to join this RETREAT with us!!! (Complete info here.)

Please fill in the regular registration form (click here). You will be asked to check mark details about payment, etc. Please just click as a formality, knowing that your financial agreements are different from everyone else.

Price and Collaboration
Please note that outside participants are paying Rs.30,000 (+12% Service Tax). Your AVian price, Rs.11,200 (10,000 + 12% tax), is a gift to you. If you find this price too high, you could all get together as a group of 10 AVians and brainstorm about how to creatively fundraise for yourselves as a group.

When you are ready to make your contribution, please deposit it into #251595 “Joy Living Learning” and then send an email to to notify us.

This event is a residential retreat (just like a Vipassana course would be), and living at Verite/Afsanah is a required condition for participating. We’re trying to build one unified community and have as few outside distractions as possible.

If you have any more questions, please connect with Dariya (

Dariya, L’aura, Sandyra ♥