Joy Community

We come and go, hearts on a journey.
We make this space our home, nourishing our souls.
And no matter where we end up, the flame continues to burn.
Our guiding light…

I was born in “Joy,” the name Mother gave this home and land around it. I lived here growing up, and was surprised to find myself “moving back home” after having spent about 15 years on my own, either in Canada, Europe or my sweet little apartment in Invocation.

And now? Now I’m searching… How to live a life of balance – extending outwards, sharing with others and contributing to this planet, and ever-grounding inwards and creating space for self-care, silence and reflection…

I’m filled with wonder and gratitude for my NVC path, as it provides me with such an inspirational and meaningful framework within which to explore this adventure called life!

The doggies: Shugah and Koko

The pussy cats: Mitzu, Kiki (above), Rabbit, Fluffy and Meela

Our giraffe: Dingo