BT Katrikai

Cool! Yesterday was Earth Day, and Living Routes offered to take Karthik and our staff to a Tamil film, Katrikai, on genetically modified brinjal. This morning we discussed their reactions to it and heard about what they learned. I asked why they thought people would want make such choices (“growing” GM products), and we talked about power in society, sharing of information and the long-term consequences of our actions today…

I so much enjoy being able to share different spaces with our staff, and to connect over more than just “daily work tasks.” And I’m really glad that they were so willing to go and do something new and unpredictable. I was nervous at first that they wouldn’t want to go, but that they’d “feel obliged” and hear a demand in the students’ offer. When I checked in with them today, they said they were all open to going and did so from a place of choice. And they got my care and were grateful for my looking out for them.

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