easing into it…

mmm, today was easier, so to speak. we were 7 and so the distractions were 4 people less…! although, don’t get me wrong – the regular scene was still alive: phones, SMSs, photos, chit-chatting, god-knows-what-else!!! it’s so funny – i can’t help but make cultural comparisons and just wonder. i have a box that indian education for the most part is about “sit down, be quiet, behave and listen to the teacher – don’t talk until you’re asked to.” and i’d put western education into another box – that of “learn, challenge the teacher and your thinking, and certainly only come if you’re willing to participate and engage – and BE your normal self!” so how is it that when it’s about a workshop setting, the whole scene changes around?! here, there’s chaos! where did the good-student attitude disappear?! they’re apparently interested, otherwise i don’t imagine they’d stay (or come in the first place), but i don’t get how they can’t sit still for longer than half an hour or so… maybe it’s cuz i need to be really strict?! 🙂

so i am missing the quality of attention and focus i enjoy with western participants, whom i’ve experienced to normally stay engaged throughout the workshop, or otherwise they make requests for movement or a break.

oh, on the run… a family participating in the training has invited me for dinner… ahhhh (no!), more food!

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