IIT with Marshall!

OMG, we’re ACTUALLY going to the IIT! June 8-17/08 with Marshall, in Albuquerque, NM.

Jason and I started talking about the IIT about 6 months ago, and I waited impatiently for this year’s schedule to come out. When it did, and we saw that there was an IIT planned for the summer in ABQ, it seemed the perfect fit. Jason, Isa and Adam could visit their old friends, house and neighbourhood, Baby and Baby could attend the IIT, Jason and Isa would be on summer holidays, and the Guest House would be closed for the summer… Yeah…!

Plan, plan, plan… Contact CNVC, apply for scholarships (including airfare), get “rejected” (smile!), feel really discouraged for a while, contact a bunch of Aurovilians, AVIs, family and friends, consider more loans, keep on hassling CNVC, search, search, search for $$$.

Then, out of the blue:
An anonymous donor at CNVC offers $1500 towards my tuition
Grammy contributes towards the kids’ airfare
Sumeet, good old Sumeet…
Dariya, Daniel, Bridget, Aryadeep, Auralee, Olivier all offer contributions
The Allens, Daniel Greenberg offer contributions
Baby and Baby play with $ figures
Chandresh offers logistical support
Janet offers to keep an eye on house and guest house
Many, many send love and prayers…

Can you believe it? We can’t! I mean, we can – and we do! That’s why we’re going to the IIT.


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