My gosh, I just spent one of the best weeks of my life playing with Kay. In addition to a live demo mediation in our Town Hall, Kay shared 4 training days with about 50 people (half Aurovilians, half guests), some of whom had no prior NVC or Mediation experience, and others who have been learning and sharing NVC for a few years. My opinion? It was amazing!

But don’t believe me! Here’s some feedback from the participants…

“I feel blessed by this opportunity to get in contact with the idea of NVC. It is as if someone has opened a door in my heart to connect better with my feelings and needs. The workshop gave me some valuable inspiration on how I can help other people resolve their conflicts and overcome disconnected communication.”

“The mediation course has helped me with my personal development, and I’m pleased to recognize the understanding I’ve gained of myself, as well as others. The tools we learned in the workshop have been really practical and useful for a mediation situation, and I’m excited to use them and to see how effective they can be in a ‘real-life’ situation. Helping other people connect and resolve a conflict is a challenge I would like to assist with. This course was a taster for me, and I would like to extend my skills and confidence, but at this level I feel I’ve learned very useful things – especially about feelings and needs. I intend to look more into NVC to help me with my interactions with others and to contribute to a resolution of conflict in the future. I’m particularly pleased to think more about listening to myself and can recognize how self-understanding helps our understanding of others. Kay’s taking a very human approach made him a good facilitator for my learning.”

“I really appreciated that this kind of communication exists in this planet, in this situation that the world is in now. Human beings’ minds are so complicated, and sometimes mine too. With these Mediation skills, I’m starting to be more clear and connected with myself and others’ feelings and needs, and more conscious of my words. It’s important for my growth and development in communication. I’m very happy! From now on, I feel more confident to help my family, friends and all the community around me to connect more deeply with the feelings and needs that come daily in our lives.”

“I really feel excited to use it in my life, with the intention of connection, community, sharing experiences. Actually in my specific case, I was already doing this for a long time with my parents, without knowing that. I’m looking forward to be with them again and use these new skills, without taking anyone’s side.”

“For me, communication is the foundation of my life, and by having more tools how to use it properly, I can evolve and be more able to help others to connect. In order to understand that we have this power of choice in our hearts, sometimes we need to turn on the torch in the darkness. I really hope that I can have a good torch with full power batteries.”

1. What did you learn?

– “I learned many beautiful things. One of the most important was to be able to connect people from the heart, and not from the mind. I received many tools to help people to connect with their own feelings and needs, even in tense situations.”

– “I learned to find and listen to the needs behind people’s feelings.”

– “I learned how important it is to be precise with my language.”

– “I learned new communication skills that I can use in my daily life. They are very important for me, because I’m motivated to help others connect, and now I have the skills to better understand the real root of the issue.”

– “I learned that as a Mediator, I can stop and ask questions, ask people to re-phrase what they have heard, etc.”

– “I also learned to be careful in addressing needs: reaching for the clouds (creating more needs and frustration), vs. reaching for the sun (addressing the need in a positive way).”

– “I have a much better sense of the ‘shape’ of Mediation and a little more confidence that the essential skills can be learned.”

2. What challenges did you have?

– “First I had the challenge of the language (non-native English speaker), to remain connected and express and hear feelings and needs, but with the list next to me it helped. During the first exercises (on the first day), I felt very comfortable and safe doing it, but when the discussion and conflict between the “guinea-pig parties” got more agitated (second day), I became less optimistic about my competence and I started doubting my skills. I felt under pressure and hesitant because of my slow reaction. I need to feel more comfortable before I become more spontaneous and natural.”

– “I really needed the practice-rounds to learn how to “translate” the statements into needs and feelings.”

– “I’d like to increase my awareness when two people are discussing something and try to be with them, instead of running away. And I’d like to have more confidence that I can help others solve their problems and be less hesitant in what to say. I believe that will come with practice.”

3. What would you recommend about this workshop?

– “Wow! This workshop really helps! You have no idea how useful your NVC Mediation skills can be. This workshop was amazing, Kay! He is really good at explaining and teaching this technique, with full exercises. It was powerful how you helped people connect more and more, and how you showed us the humanity behind the monster.”

– “I liked the finger stuff, as it helped me remember the tools I can use out of my toolbox.”

– “The clear separation of tools – the hand and fingers.”

– “I’d recommend this workshop to all those who are open to improve their communication, even if they don’t want to be professional Mediators. This course can be very useful to understand ourselves and make people move from their minds to their hearts.”

– “What I enjoyed was the calm atmosphere between the group and keeping punctuality.”

– “Nice simple structure, and rich at the same time.”

– “Good mix of humour and fun.”

– “Directly applicable.”

– “Just these 2 days will already make this world a better place.”

– “The hand was a perfect reminder, a practical tool.”

– “A thoroughly useful introductory workshop.”

– “A piece of art.”

4. How was the trainer?

– “Beautiful human being, big connection! You can feel a lot of experience. Even with his young looking, he gives you the picture very easily and he uses good examples and exercises, and then everything flows. I like his humour – Sweeedish!”

– “Compliments to Kay for your presence and skills even when in unfamiliar surroundings.”

– “I really enjoyed his presence, his patience, his humour (Swedish style), his examples, his experience. I could feel coherence in what he said, and he teaches according to what he is.”

– “I find him a special teacher.”

– “Kay was a very clear communicator and a very effective model of what he was teaching.”

– “Thank you for your support. We really love you and admire your mission in communication, something so fundamental to find Global Peace.”

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