morning gratitude…

I’m grateful to be given the gift of experiencing life differently.
I’m grateful to be experiencing our human diversity.
I’m grateful to have a bed and room without mozzies and bed-bugs.
I’m grateful to have had 2 good night’s sleep.
I’m grateful for the bananas, mangoes and carrots I’ve been offered.
I’m grateful my belly has been happy.
I’m grateful for the generosity of people sharing their homes and spaces with me.
I’m grateful for the financial support to make this trip possible.
I’m grateful to be out of my comfort zone, to challenge and enrich my life.
I’m grateful for people’s enthusiasm to learn and share NVC.
I’m grateful for the willingness to translate, so that I can be understood and understand.
I’m grateful to be understanding so much Hindi without translation!
I’m grateful to be welcomed into a community different than my immediate one.
I’m grateful I have space for my morning sitting and exercises.
I’m grateful my body wakes early, naturally.

and more…

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