What does NVC mean to you…?

Workshop participants’ brainstorming responses to “What does NVC mean to you…?”

– deeper understanding and connection before the trigger even arises
– is it too mental, analyzed?
– self-behaviour has to change first
– provides ability to embrace other people’s judgements and not take personally
– listen and understand self and others
– balance
– not about communication
– I stop reacting (vicious circle)
– clear, simple way to be present, not judge, feel myself
– treating my child with respect, as a human being
– spiritual practice: practical practice to live a higher consciousness
– presence, so that I can identify my feelings and not project them on others
– vulnerability
– integrating into my everyday environment
– embracing what is
– breathing before talking
– true intentions, transparency, authenticity
– patience with myself
– putting (e)motions in positive change
– being aware (getting rid) of labels
– mindful communication
– letting go of judgements

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