Who creates reality…?

“The universe, like any mirror, is neutral. If reflects back whatever is in front of it, without judgement or distortion. If you can trust that, […] you’ve renounced the belief that the outer world has power over you.” ~Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets

Wow, I’m kind of blown away… Reading The Book of Secrets and so much enjoying revisiting these crazy questions, beliefs, experiences I’ve been having…

This question came up for me this morning. Ishama shared that the rain was tough last night, that she had to wake up several times to “bucket” water out of her house, as a wall had fallen in and water was coming in. She went on to explain that she’d have to move out soon, because her brother had sold the land to some Pondy people who wanted to build a shop there. She’s not sure how she’s gonna get it together to finish building her “new” house (a simple shack somewhere else), which has been a construction site for many months now.

So, I wonder… Who creates her reality? Is it my responsibility to get her out of it? Not that I can in a material sense, but maybe energetically – magically?! Why don’t I dedicate my whole life to her cause? What purpose would that serve? Isn’t reality as it is just perfect anyway? Why do I have so much more than she does? But am I “bad” for having more? I mean, I was just born this way, and she was just born that way… But who creates our realities, then?! Does she create her own reality?! Do I create her reality too, just reinforcing it with my thoughts and 5 sensory experiences – “that she’s poor, lives in poor conditions…?”

I think this is part of why I have such a violent reaction to hearing blame and criticism (that is, my interpretation; not necessarily the person’s intention) when I hear that there’s racism or power-over dynamics between Aurovilians and the villagers, and that I’m just a part of the problem. Isn’t that thinking part of the problem?! Aren’t those people just perpetuating it by seeing it, interpreting it, hating it…?

Instead, how about dis-creating it? How about creating a new reality, an inclusive reality, an empowered reality – but through consciousness and not through limited-reality-thinking…?

Phew, blah blah blah… I could go on forever… Big topic…

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