My May Blog – better late then never

Hello All:

It has been a craZY one month…. and here are some updates.. On  our trip to Taj we had several adventures small and big.. Starting with having no space to put our luggage in the train due to only lady passenger occupying the whole space who happened to be in one seat out of the other five, and who happened to have things with her for apparently 21 who were going to be travelling to Nepal. Needless to say our NVC was tested and tried. Next up was trying to get some Black Tea on the train and we did manage somehow Its always fun to watch a white woman speak a native language.. so i think our L’aura had charmed all the pantry workers and they were just dying to become friends.. at one point i think their were few of them in a bogi with L’aura alone and they had the indecency to ask her for her services.. Seriously.. Crazy people what were they thinking?? Oh how i wish there was some serious consequences for all idiots involve.. Anyhow, we managed to get our tea in a re use able milk carton . We reached Agra in one piece all exhausted, And the hotel person told us that he has arranged for a Car to take us around and he can be there in an hour.. so that’s how long it took us to be back on the road again…Yup after 2 nights and a day in a train we just had enough time to take a quick shower and then we went to see Taj Mahal..

Everyone except Jason paid only 20 Rs. Jason however ended up paying 720 Rs.. A price for the Foreigners. he got a water bottle with the ticket though.. so wow expensive water.. and howcome no body has ever raised this issue why the heck do indians get away paying so less and why does guests have to pay price so high …point to ponder and issue to raise at a later date.

Had next adventure at the Brindaban Bihari ji temple.. the doors were closed and we were not allowed in.. so after much pleading and requesting i decided to make our way in through. The Temple Care takers gave us some lame excuse that he tests the will of the worshipers..

In the evening we had all the worker’s in my room and I had planned a surprise visitor.. Shammi Nanda took a 6 hour journey by bus from Jaipur to be with us.. it was priceless to see everyone’s face.. Shammi spend the night and next whole day with us.

The next morning was most wonderful worker’s came to the room and told me that they are going out on their own.. And i enjoyed watching them all go on foot for tea Lead by Yirumalai..

After wards we went to see Fateh pur Sikri and then Akber’s tomb both of them were amazing..

On our trip back Ruba got sick in the train.. due to some bad food.. and it was most wonderful watching all the other ladies come together to take care of her..

Back in Chennai we stopped to have breakfast at Morgan idly place.. never seen so many different types of chutni’s and I can say it was one of the best..

And Finally home sweet home..

Well soon after coming back.. we lost our volunteer

Julien had decided to be with Nahid and help her and it was causing lots of mistrust and pain and negativity in the guest house so after some crazy incidents involving few visit to Pondy some phony stories and email hacking and much drama.. he decided it was best for the Guest house that he leaves.. so around 3rd week of may he left us and is not in contact with us since..

that’s all folks my fingers are begging me to stop now.. so I will oblige.. Stay tuned for what more positive stuff to come later in the month.. hugs to all yours truly Meenakshi

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