L’aura has given me the rights to add a blog on my own…  wow man she is trusting me with so much responsibility.. but guess what that means for me  ?.. more work in keeping you all updated.. “holy cow”. ok ok no panic..!! so 3 more days before our trip happens.. and omg still so much to do… !

oh but before that

the embodied  spirituality NVC workshop was a hit.  We had a show of 18 people and it was quite interesting.  Jason and Irma were great in co creating the space along with L’aura. I especially enjoyed the last bit where Jason had the hand puppets and he demonstrated his inner Jackal and giraffe.

We are working on our new pebble garden with ying yang and its dug half way.. thanks to few guests who volunteer with Julien and me.

I have had my first Reflexology session with Julien and I can tell you all he is good.. and will be offering some of his services after we return back from Taj.

this is my testing blog so more after some time.. till then hugs to all..


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