Hello all My name is Meenakshi and I will try to keep this blog updated with stuff.. so you all know that we are still alive and happening.

I am a volunteer at Joy Guest House and I came to Joy for the first time in end of November 2011 Nahid was still there taking care of the guest house back then.. She was still here when i returned back with my family in February. I was charmed by her beauty as well and taken for a ride by her she stole money from my locker as well but i did not know it back then. So In Feb when this happened again and with several guest all in the joy community figured out it was an inside job and later they proved it. Nahid kept on denying the fact and kept on lying. After they discovered who it was they asked her to leave av and not be back here. She left for some time but now she is back again.. in Pondy .

Regardless to say L’aura and rest of the community had real rough time since the cyclone and since this episode with Nahid.

However for the past few weeks things have started to look up again, we had our first weekend workshop in many months and with the contributions we collected 7000 Rs. which are going to go towards our upcoming Taj Trip for the workers (In May we are taking our worker’s to Taj Mahal).

We will soon have our best chef from France back Julian joins us for a whole year and he is arriving on 21st.

Also we have a little Raksal (Rascal) running around in the community now singing and doing all sort of mischief making it real live place to be living in.. and if you have had fun reading this blog stay tuned for the next one.. because I am gonna take the challenge L’aura has given me and keep you posted. Till next time take care of your inner self and of all those who depend on you.. hugs. M

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