Matrimandir trip…

Hello every one..

So you guys are here again to see what I have to say well here it is.. We are trying to bring “joy” back into Joy Guest house..We planned to raise funds for our upcoming Taj trip and thanks to some really close friends and family members we have raised now just enough to take all of our workers and 5 of us to Taj Mahal. We leave on May 3rd and will arrive back on 8th May Kind of short trip but we are hoping to have tons of fun on the way..

Shanti Left for USA on 19th of April and will return in July 1st week. Her sister sent an email letting us know that she reached safely and is enjoying the company.

Julien arrived on 22nd of April and will be now with us for a whole year..Yay!!

Today on April 25th all of us L’aura, Myself, Julien, Yirumalai, Morga, Saundri, Ichima, and Ruba went to Matri Mandir and to Ganesh Bakery afterwards kinda like pre celebration to our Taj trip two of the missing one’s were Jason, and Sasha.

It was long overdue.. the trip to Matri Mandir and it was a joy to see all of them laughing and celebrating together.. 🙂

That’s all for now…

Hugs to all.

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