International Nonviolent Communication Convention, Kochi, India – January 13-19, 2013

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Convention Theme:

“Embracing Interdependence”

Many spiritual traditions converge with certain aspects of modern science in a basic understanding of life as one interdependent whole.

[…] Conscious interdependence as a practice includes in it a commitment to everyone’s well-being. This commitment is a clear and profound antidote to the legacy of separation and scarcity that we have inherited. It is the most surprising principle of Nonviolent Communication for many people […]. The idea that in any given situation – be it with co-workers, vendors, children, lovers, or anyone else – we can commit to making things work for everyone comes as a profound revelation to people. When able to take it in fully, [we] tend to feel energized, liberated, and ready to apply [ourselves]. New options arise spontaneously with which [we] are eager to experiment.

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What to Expect:

* NVC Basics for Newcomers
* Intermediate and Advanced Workshops
* Sharing and Community Building
* Support and Inspiration for Emerging NVC Facilitators
* Support for new and on-going Social Change Projects
* Visioning for NVC’s Future in India



Registration was open from August 1, 2012 to December 15, 2012.

* Please note that your registration is considered complete only once you have paid your fee (banking information below).

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Our Host-Partner:

We celebrate this opportunity to offer this Convention in partnership with Lifelong Learning Foundation (Kochi, India) and their “Learning Convention 2013.” With LLF’s experience and commitment to hosting learning events, alongside the enthusiastic support and guidance of Jayan, Mathew, Krishnan and other LLF leaders, we trust that this event will contribute to self-empowered learning, inspiration, and depth of connection in Kerala and beyond.

Daily Schedule:

Please arrive by 3pm on Sunday, January 13, 2013.

Saturday, January 19, 2013 (after breakfast)*
* Please scroll down to see our optional 1-Day Fort Kochi Tour

— breakfast —
Opening and Planning for the Day
— tea break —
— lunch —
Home Groups
— tea —
Closing and Celebrations
— dinner —
Spontaneous Gatherings / Independent Workshops


Farrah Baut-Carlier, Luxembourg

Farrah discovered NVC in 1999 and was trained in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland and France). She learned and experienced most of her NVC skills with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of this process, by serving as his interpreter during his stays in Europe.

Farrah became a Certified Trainer in 2009 because she wanted to contribute to transforming consciousness, working with other CNVC trainers, and use NVC as a peace and life-serving tool.

Farrah is excited and looking forward to coming and meeting the people of Kerala, to meeting those who are already dear to her heart, to (re)connecting with people from India and from around the world, and to living NVC consciousness all together with the team of trainers and participants.

She is grateful for being offered the opportunity to participate and dwell in a space where people can live and experience compassion.

Godfrey Spencer, Belgium

“Whether as a linguist or as a philosopher, I long thought that communication was the result of lining up semantic fields. That is no longer my belief, and the meanings of words now maintain all their importance in synergy with intonation, gesture, grimace, silence, presence, absence, intention… It is my experience, and this is such a passion for me, but we cannot not communicate! Communication with another stems from my relationship to myself. The relationship to myself derives from a consciousness of what is alive in my innermost depths. Empathy is not divisible! When it comes to our interdependence, I am convinced that willingness and the quality of relationships are key: fear and obligation are poor counsellors… So let us invest in the quality of our connections, with both ourselves and others, trusting that solutions will arise.

This trip to India is a return home. My grandmother lived for years in Delhi in circumstances that brought both sadness to her view of England and some of the most wonderful friendships with Indians that marked both her life and mine.”

Kay Rung, Sweden

Kay has been working as a consultant and trainer in Sweden and Asia (Thailand and Sri Lanka, as well as in Auroville, India) since 1998 and runs the company Friare Liv together with Liv Larsson. Kay works with communication coaching and mediation and uses Nonviolent Communication as the foundation. He supports the parties in conflict to find their way back to a level of connection which enables renewed collaboration. Together with Liv, he has developed an educational model to teach mediation, which is described in Liv Larsson’s books, A helping hand and Creating meetings and contact through mediation. In addition to being inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s work, Kay is also touched by what Gandhi and Hafiz have to offer. Kay is also a passionate runner and a creative cook! For more about Kay and his work, see

Kirsten Kristensen, Denmark

Kirsten is a family therapist, supervisor, mediator and CNVC Certified Trainer. She has worked for 20 years with economics and production planning, along with taking trainings in self-development and meditation, and since 1994 she has devoted her working life to support others in personal development. In 1998 she met Marshall and Nonviolent Communication and found that NVC was adding a very deep and life changing dimension to her work as a therapist. In 2004 she served as a trainer during an IIT (International Intensive Training), and since then has shared NVC internationally, leads year-long NVC trainings in three countries, as well as serves as a consultant and supervisor for institutions and organizations. She also publishes NVC books in Danish. Her passion is supporting the healing in each of us that will allow NVC communities to thrive, and contributing to us having the skills to go closer to conflicts and serve as a third side. Her website is:

L’aura Joy, India

“I have to laugh at myself, because I keep on saying ‘this is the last Convention I’m going to organize,’ in hopes of being able to focus more of my time and energy on offering trainings and deepening connections. And yet, this is where my life leads me… and it’s perfect! It’s gives me an opportunity to be among trainers who inspire me, and I’m very much looking forward to the learning and deepening within this team. Yay, I’m trusting that this event will be another Indian success!”

L’aura grew up in Auroville, Tamil Nadu and has lived in India most of her life. She came to NVC five years ago and has not looked back since. For her this is mostly a spiritual path, as it provides a framework within which she finds meaning and continuous support to live in authentic connection with herself and foster open curiosity towards others.

Shantigarbha, UK

“As a child I felt a connection with India, even though I had never been there and there was no family connection. When I first visited in 1989 I felt a sense of relief, like I was coming home. I continued to visit through my connection with Buddhism. When I learned NVC it seemed natural to share it with my Indian friends. In recent years I’ve expanded my work to include Sri Lanka (where I appeared on TV), the USA and the Middle East. Last January we ran a 9-day training for 100 Israelis and Palestinians on the West Bank. In these situations I feel most alive!

When I was a child, I wanted to change the world. As a young adult I learned that to change the world, I needed to change myself. I love the way that NVC supports me to flow between working on my inner world, on relationships, and social change.

I’m excited to meet old friends at the Indian NVC Convention and make new friends! And hopefully in the next 12 months you’ll be able to read my book – ‘The Path of Empathy’.”

For more information about Shantigarbha and his trainings, visit

Location, Venue and Climate:

Kochi (colonial name Cochin) is a vibrant city situated on the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula in the breathtakingly scenic and prosperous state of Kerala, often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country.’ (Source:

Our Main Venue: Assisi Shanti Kendra
Assisi (in Karukutty town) is a peaceful, serene Christian centre situated about 15kms directly north of Kochi International Airport and 35kms north-north-east of Kochi’s City Centre. Assisi can hold 90 participants – with simple, shared accommodation (some private, some shared bath), and delicious local Kerala cuisine (vegetarian, as well as some fresh fish choices).

Assisi also provides 2 large meeting halls, several smaller rooms and outdoor garden spaces for our training sessions.

Secondary Venue: Claretian House
This Centre, situated less than 1km away, will be hosting about 25 of our participants.

Climate: January is one of the best months to visit Kerala, when the air is fresh and cool, and the temperature ranges between 20-30° Celcius. With the ocean to the west, the Western Ghat mountains to the east, and Kochi’s proximity to the equator, we’ll enjoy warm days and pleasantly cool nights.


Please book your travel so as to arrive in KOCHI, KERALA and register by 3pm on Sunday, January 13th, and leave on the morning (or afternoon/evening) of Saturday, January 19th.*

* Please scroll down to see see our optional 1-Day Fort Kochi Tour

BY AIR – The closest airport is Cochin/Kochi International Airport (in the town of Angamali), a 20-minute ride to the venue.

BY RAIL – The nearest main railway station is Aluva (AWY) (between Trissur and Ernakulam), a 30-minute ride to the venue. There is another smaller station, Angamali (AFK), very close to our venue, but not all trains stop here.

BY ROAD – From Ernakulam or Alwaye, take National Highway 47 towards Trissur and get off at Karukutty. From Alwaye, it’s a 30-minute drive.

Our local host, Lifelong Learning Foundation, will arrange for pick-up vehicles, at 2-3 different time slots. More information to come… Please stay tuned, check our Facebook Group NVC Convention 2013, Kochi for updates, and check your email regularly…

Fee and Payment Details:

Our intention is to make this event affordable and inclusive, with rates at Rs.3,850/participant ($69 or €57). This includes room, food and tuition. (Day Participants’ rate is Rs.2000.)

First come, first first! Please make your payment as soon as you register, in order to confirm your place. Please email us ( with your transfer details, so that we can track your deposit. You can make your payment in one of the following ways:


a) Make a direct transfer from any Indian bank to our bank account.
Account Name: Lifelong Learning Foundation
Account No.: 14690100035338
Bank Name and Address: Federal Bank Ltd, Kakkanad (Seaport) Branch
IFSC Code: FDRL0001469

b) Get a Crossed Cheque or Demand Draft (DD)
-in the name of: Lifelong Learning Foundation
-payable at: Federal Bank Ltd, Kakkanad Branch, Ernakulam

and courier the Cheque/DD to:
Mr. AK Mathew
7/771 A, Reccaa Valley
Kakkanad, 682030
Ernakulam, Kerala
mobile: 09446579003


a) Send a Western Union transfer
-to: L’aura Joy
-payable in: Pondicherry
Please email us ( with the transfer file number, so that we can collect the cash.

* * * * *

Cancellation Policy: If you have to cancel your registration, please inform/email us before December 10, and we will provide you with a 50% refund.

* * * * *

Regarding Scholarships and Financial Support: Although we believe every learner should be welcomed independent of his/her financial abilities, we also want to strongly encourage self-responsibility and creativity in finding the financial means to attend this event. If you’re in need, please consider all your options (for example: friends, relatives, colleagues, local social communities; or be creative with a fundraising raffle, a local marathon; or sell something you own or you’ve made) before relying on us for a scholarship.

Sponsoring Another Participant: Some of you may have the financial means and motivation to sponsor another participant. If so, please indicate this on your application form.

*Special Offer: Optional 1-Day Fort Kochi Tour

Our local host, Lifelong Learning Foundation, is offering participants an optional 1-day tour through Fort Kochi, starting after breakfast on Saturday, January 19th and ending around 4pm. The tour will include the old towns of Fort Kochi (Chinese fishing nets, St. Francis Church, Kochi’s 2012 Biennale, etc) and Mattancherry (old synagogue). The cost is approximately Rs.500/participant, including bus fare and lunch. You can register and pay for this tour during the Convention itself.

Other Important Information:

– Money and ATMs: There are 2-3 ATMs with walking distance of the venue.
– Toiletries, Medicals and Basic Shopping: There are stores, medical shops and eateries within 10-min walking distance from the venue.
– Internet and Emergency Contact: We can use our venue’s landline phone for emergencies. LLF will also provide us with 1 computer with internet access and timing restrictions to serve as many participants as possible.


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