RC Action Plan, Dec 5/12

Facilitator: Jason
Present: Janet, L’aura, Lorraine, Meenakshi, Michael, Sabine, Sandyra, Shanti, Sonja, Yuval
Invited and not present: Angela, Dominique, Eric, Frederick, Jill, Julien, Kali, Kusum, Nahid

ACTION PLAN – to be completed within 2 weeks

– requesting Yuval and Sonja for a date to brainstorm about ideas for energetic healing around the impact Nahid has had on her
– offering to write a report about this RC and Action Plan and to post it on Joy LLC website (and maybe AVnet and/or N&N)
– requesting Joy Board members (Yuval, Janet, Sandyra) and Sonja for support/feedback about where/how to share this report
– requesting Yuval for support to hold space for a small meeting with Nahid, to give her space to share and be heard
– requesting all present (whoever is comfortable doing so) for support to get in touch with Nahid: (i) if you see Nahid, inform her that we had an RC where she was invited by email, and ask if she knew about this; (ii) tell her a small group would like to speak to her; (iii) ask if she’d be willing to give you her phone number so that we can contact her
– offering to forward Sonja’s update from WC (see Sonja’s offer below)

– offering to raise awareness about what happened with Nahid going to Sabine’s yoga class and the discomfort and confusion that emerged in some people there, and to brainstorm about how to respond if such a situation (Nahid or other) were to arise in Windarra

– offering to speak to AV Council and WC (on Friday 7th) about the Nahid ban and to see where they all stand now and what they want to do about it, and to send an update to L’aura who will forward it to the others

– offering to meet in a smaller group with Nahid, L’aura and others (to be determined), to give Nahid a chance to express herself and be heard

– offering to speak privately with Sabine to support her getting clarity about how to approach Nahid, in case she sees her


Post-Circle, Dec 19/12
Facilitator: Dariya
Present: Janet, Jill, L’aura, Lorraine, Michael, Nahid, Sabine, Shanti, Sonja, Yuval