Staff Trips

I don’t remember exactly how this idea came to me… Several Auroville “businesses” take their staff on yearly tours, closing shop for a few days and celebrating their workers. However, these are usually the larger establishments, and I don’t think the “bosses” join in… So, given my relationship with the workers here, I too wanted to celebrate them in some way, and I’m really glad we’ve started this tradition of taking trips together.

We’ve done silly hang-out time in Pondy, like going to the movies and eating in a restaurant. We’ve taken bigger day trips to temples and near-by sites, and we’ve also done over-nighters and gone further, like up the mountains to Kodaikanal.

And finally, our real BIG, MOST OUTRAGEOUS trip EVER – to Agra and the Taj Mahal!! It took a few years to build up to, many conversations of just fantasizing and daydreaming – but then finally, with the concrete help, support and inspiration of Meenakshi (our amazing in-house volunteer), we did it!

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AGRA AND THE TAJ MAHAL, May 3-8, 2012:

(Ishama, Murugan, Ruba, Savandary, Yerumalai, along with Jason, L’aura, Meenakshi and Sasha)
Oh my god, we did it! A long-time dream come true! Read what our workers have to say here, and check out more photos here.

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Poothupathu temple and tropical dry evergreen forest, plus Pondy beach – Aug 16, 2010
(Yerumalai, Karthik, Ishama, Shanti, Murugan – and L’aura behind camera)
Ishama shaved her head at the temple, as an offering to god.

Mahabalipuram, temple town on East Coast Road, and Croc-Bank… – Nov 29, 2009
(Shanti, Ruba, Ishama, Jason, Murugan, L’aura, Yerumalai)
They still joke and tell stories about how the locals were in shock watching me behave like a hard-core Tamil, and how I made a fuss for having to pay the foreigners’ fee for the temple entrance.

Kodaikanal, mountains
shoot… can’t find any pictures from this trip – I don’t get it!