Trainer Agreements

This is a draft agreement between the NVC Auroville Local Coordination Group
(LCG) and international NVC trainers and trainer candidates wishing to come and
share NVC in Auroville.
Agreements Before a Training

* Intention: trainer contacts the LCG with the intention to come to Auroville
and desire to offer a training while here
* Status: trainer takes time to learn the current status of NVC in AV – this
involves understanding how we are already sharing NVC, and also learning how
AV provides a very special and delicate context. It is very different than
sharing NVC in a large city like New York – one trainer can’t damage the
reputation of NVC for a whole city, but in AV one trainer does have that
possibility. I would make the analogy to
L’oreal corporation: the AV LCG is a group of middle level managers working in
L’oreal, dedicated to sharing and using NVC within the organization, and we
want our existing efforts to be protected and our ideals for the future held
* Needs: trainer agrees to hear the current needs the LCG thinks exist for AV
* Offerings: the trainer has a list of possible offerings they are willing to
share while in AV
* Prioritize: trainer and LCG discuss combined priorities and decide what
trainings will be
* Desired Outcomes: trainer and LCG discuss and agree upon desired outcomes of

Agreements During a Training

The LCG is willing to help coordinate event in the following ways (subject to
availability of funds and space):

* Accomodation: LCG will attempt to cover the cost of the trainer’s room and
food during training, plus one day before and one day after
* Locale: LCG will coordinate training location and pay for the rental of the
* Refreshments: LCG will coordinate and pay for refreshments during training
* Transportation: LCG will coordinate and pay for transportation to and from
AV as well as transportation to and from training location
* Community: LCG will be generally helpful and friendly and share our
community with the trainer
* Gratitude: LCG will provide a token of our appreciation to the trainer for
their contribution to AV

Agreements After a Training

* Feedback: trainer takes responsibility to get feedback from training
participants and from LCG
* Discussion: trainer and LCG will discuss mournings and celebrations around
the event
* Self-Reflection: trainer demonstrates a willingness to discuss with the LCG
any unmet needs of participants and LCG, and suggest strategies to address
those unmet needs before holding any future trainings.