Workers’ Empowerment Program

Hello Guests and Visitors!

It’s our intention to support our staff (Ishama, Murugan, Ruba, Savandary, Yerumalai) with life-enriching experiences, so that they have a sense of empowerment and an increased awareness of the choices available in their lives.

A new initiative of ours has been to co-create opportunities for them to earn more income, and we imagine that guests would very much enjoy to visit their homes and villages and to have a cultural experience together.

On selected Sunday afternoons, one staff member will open his/her home for tea and a sharing, and all are welcome to join!

When and Where: – leave Joy Guest House by bicycle at 4.15pm

In order to share the money equally among our 5 staff members, we ask that you make your contribution to L’aura or Shanti (and not directly to the host). Please know that the going rate for their work in Auroville is between $2.5 – 4.00/day, so your contribution will have a direct impact on their livelihood.